Photo of James Froh

James Froh

Prairie Treaties Co-Leader

James is Métis, born and raised in Saskatchewan. Over his career Froh has worked for Indigenous, church and government organizations in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Starting in 2001, he has worked with the public service in Saskatchewan in increasingly senior leadership positions over the years. He has always focused on forging crucial relationships, demonstrating core values, and developing expertise in various aspects of public administration.  Froh has provided invaluable advice to many senior leaders; has championed collaborative, interest-based public engagement and policy development, and, most recently, continuous learning and the development of public service employees and leaders. Following his retirement from the Saskatchewan public service in 2017, James served with IPAC as its executive in residence until last year at which time returned to study public policy research as a graduate student at the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Regina.