Welcome to the Regulatory Governance Initiative!

Anchored at Carleton University, the Regulatory Governance Initiative (RGI) builds on the proven track record of Carleton’s School of Public Policy and Administration to develop regulatory capacity and competence through three core functions: regulatory policy, governance, and management. Its approach is holistic and problem‐driven. The RGI assembles expertise from the humanities, social and natural sciences as needed. For most projects, practitioners in the private, public and non profit sectors collaborate with scholars from the RGI network.

Today’s regulators and regulated communities typically have extensive backgrounds in a variety of scientific, technical and economic fields. However, effective regulatory programs require knowledge of regulatory systems and processes, strong communication and interpersonal skills and ability to innovate in instrument design, program delivery and approaches to compliance. Through each stage of the regulatory lifecycle, regulatory professionals in both public and private sectors must be competent in analyzing, utilizing and communicating evidence to support decision-making and manage risks to improve the health and well-being of Canadians.

The Career Development for Regulatory Professionals  (CDRP) program offers formal professional development to new (2-8 years experience) regulatory practitioners in Canada. This program is designed to provide professionals in both public and private sectors with a strong background in regulatory principles and best practices. It gives participants an opportunity to develop the knowledge and hone the skills needed to effectively develop and work within regulatory regimes under increasingly complex economic and social contexts. A key feature of this program is its emphasis on teaching participants how to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences, and in particular, how to lift technical discussions into something relevant for policy decisions. Moreover, this program empowers participants to excel and show leadership within their assigned regulatory professional role. Carleton University has developed this program, drawing on its solid reputation in public policy and management.