The Critical Conversations® event format, which has been developed by the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University, aims to push the boundaries of current thinking on policy and regulation around current challenging issues. These conversations bring together senior public servants with key opinion leaders from industry, professional associations, and non-governmental organizations in an impartial university setting. Workshop participants can take advantage of these intimate in-camera workshops to question Canadian and internationally recognized experts and actively explore options and alternatives with their peers and colleagues through a candid and far-reaching, yet moderated conversation.  Sessions are short and are focused on discussion and knowledge transfer among participants.  Modified Chatham House rule is observed.

Past Critical Conversations held by RGI:

  • Place-Based Decision Making
  • Competitiveness
  • Sustainable Use of Forest-Based Bioenergy
  • Regulating Known Unknowns
  • Regulatory Governance and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Reflections on Regulatory Regimes Present & Future
  • Building Public Trust – A Role for Competency-based Management
  • Regulation for Innovation in an Age of Disruption
  • Early Lessons Learned from Cannabis

Most recently:

Challenges to Evidence-based Policy Development in an Age of Public Polarization and Disengagement