Governments have three core responsibilities — To tax, spend and regulate. Over the years, there has been a wealth of commentary about modernizing the taxing and spending practices of governments, but regulation does not get as much attention. While the Canadian government aspires to achieve high levels of transparency and fairness around their taxing and spending systems; there is an emerging recognition within the government that a “Fair and Open Government” requires delivering better public services and regulations. The latter enable stronger performance when its developed and managed based on competencies of the public servants and regulators.

Carleton University’s Regulatory Governance Initiative (RGI) seeks to have a direct impact on enhancing the effectiveness of regulations. With a focus on regulatory policy, governance and management, the RGI adopts a holistic and problem-driven approach.  The idea of RGI’s Critical Conversation event series is to select a topic that is timely and significant, invite people from a variety of perspectives, backgrounds and interests into a room to have the type of conversation that pushes the boundaries of current thinking on policy and regulation – To have the discussions about regulation that we need to have, but rarely have the opportunity to do.  On April 12, 2016, the RGI hosted Critical Conversation: Building Public Trust: A Role for Competency-based Management.

CC-April 2017- Agenda

CC-April 2017- Speakers Bios

CC Slide Deck: Charting Our Course by Wanye Gallant

CC Slide Deck: CBM Maturity Model by William Pullen

CC Slide Deck: RCMP Presentation by William Pullen

CC 2017 Discussion Paper: CBM Maturity Model