In partnership with the Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities, RIFA co-organized a roundtable titled “The Survey Course as Contested Space.”

This workshop focused on the complexities of teaching the undergraduate survey course, which is a staple across a multiplicity of disciplines. Often mired in western-centric frameworks that privilege certain canons, chronologies and methods of learning, panelists participating in this workshop discussed strategies for reimagining such courses through the lens of anti-racist and decolonizing pedagogies.

The event took place during Inclusion Week on October 20th from 10 – 11:30am, and further supported RIFA’s mandate to share resources addressing systemic racism and anti-oppression methodologies in the classroom and the workplace.

Panel: Lane Bourbonnière, Malini Guha, Gül Kale, Carolyn Ramzy, Raj Singh, and Mikayla Sherry