Deadline: May 13, 2022

Award Announcement Date: May 31, 2022


Description of the funding

The Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) has provided funding to create a Research Application Grant to be administered through the Racialized and Indigenous Faculty Alliance (RIFA) at Carleton. This grant is an internal funding program that supports self-identified BIPOC emerging scholars/early career faculty members and instructors (see full eligibility criteria below) in their applications to external granting agencies including Tri-Council, governmental, business and NGOs, as well as international sources.

Value and duration

Up to three grants of $4,000 each are available to cover expenses associated with the submission of funding applications, including: hiring an RA; collecting preliminary data; travel; field research; pilot or feasibility studies; or, the provision of matching funds. Typically, the duration of the funding is for a maximum of one year from receipt of award, with a one-year no-cost extension.

All applicants will receive feedback and the opportunity to work with a RIFA mentor following the award announcement.


Recipients will be expected to submit a grant application within 12 months of receiving the funding.


All Racialized and Indigenous full-time academic faculty (assistant professors, lecturers (pre-PhD) who are emerging scholars at Carleton are eligible. RIFA is aware of the constraints for lecturers to secure funding as primary applicants without faculty leads. If you are a full-time lecturer and would like to apply as a primary applicant to support your research towards an application for a Tri-Council government, NGO, or business grant application within 12 months, please contact the RIFA chair, Carolyn Ramzy.

  1. Full time instructors (I and II) are invited to apply as co-applicants with faculty leads in anticipation of a collaborative Tri-Council, governmental, business or NGO grant application within 12 months of receiving this grant.
  2. Applicants will apply for external funding within 12 months of receiving this grant, for which they will be the Principal Investigator for SSHRC/NSERC or Nominated Principal Investigators for CIHR.
  3. Members who already hold a tri-council grant as primary investigator are not eligible for this award at this time.

If the project involves and requires an ethics review as defined by the Office of Research Ethics, applicants may apply to this grant without initial REB approval. However, approval must be received by the Office of Research Ethics before funding will be released.

How to apply  

There are three pieces to this application:

  1. Your completed RIFA award application form (please download the form-fillable pdf – required elements include project title, targeted external granting source(s), project description, and budget);
  2. Your bibliography of works cited;
  3. Your updated CV.

How to submit

Label each piece of your application package as follows:

  • Lastname Firstname – application form
  • Lastname Firstname – bibliography
  • Lastname Firstname – CV

Email your application package to our adjudication committee by May 13, 2022.

Please put Lastname Firstname RIFA application in the subject line.

***Late and/or incomplete application packages will not be considered***


This award will be adjudicated by members of the RIFA steering committee. Committee members represent a range of faculties across Carleton University.


  1. Applicants who receive funding must submit a final report to the RIFA Research Chair adjudication committee at least six months after the award end date. The report should include the targeted external funding source(s) and any outcomes.
  2. If, during the period of the award, the grantee resigns from their current appointment with the University, the grant will be terminated. Any unspent funds will be returned to the University.
  3. This award is subject to:
    1. The regulations and guidelines of the Tri-Council
    2. Carleton University’s policies on fund management
  4. Funds cannot be transferred to other institutions.