The policies listed below are those related to the areas of Finance, Risk, Research Accounting and Business Operations. For a complete listing of official University Policies, please visit the University Secretariat site.

Student Related Cash and Banking Expenditures/Reimbursements
Research Accounting Risk and Insurance Other Miscellaneous Policies

Student Related Polices

Student Accounts with Debit Balances (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

Defines and establishes deadlines for overdue and delinquent accounts.  Establishes rates to be charged on overdue accounts. 

Tuition Refunds Upon a Student’s Death

Establishes the practice of refunding tuition to the estate of a student who has died during a term. 

Cash and Banking

Bank Accounts, University

Sets out the authority to open bank accounts in the University’s name.

Cash/ Cash Equivalent Handling Policy (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

Establishes procedures for cash receipts for all areas receiving payments (ie. cash, cheque, debit/credit).

Petty Cash Fund

Policy and procedures surrounding the management of petty cash funds.


Expenditures and Reimbursements

Capital Asset Policy

Policy concerning the accounting treatment of capital assets purchased by the University.

Entertainment and Working Meals Expenses

Policy and procedures surrounding the expenditures of University funds on hospitality, entertainment and working meals.

Equipment Inventory Policy

Policy that sets out the responsibility for maintaining an inventory of equipment at the Department level.

Internal Charges for Services (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

Sets standards for charging and pricing internal services for non-ancillary units.

Procurement Card Policy

Policy and procedures related to obtaining and using the University procurement card for low value purchases.

Purchasing Policy (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

The policy governing the procurement of goods and services by the University.  Sets out dollar amounts for competitive bids and public tender requirements.

Payment to Individuals and Business Entities

Establishes criteria for differentiating between a payment that must be made through payroll, and those that can be treated as non-salary, and paid based on an invoice.

Travel and Related Expenses Policy (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

Sets out the policy and procedures to be followed when traveling on behalf of the University. 


Research Accounting

Overhead and Indirect Costs of Research

Directives to include indirect costs in all proposals possible.  States the distribution mechanism for actual indirect costs collected.

Research and External Support Fund Creation and Amendment

Establishes the criteria and process to follow to open a research and other external support fund.


Risk Management

Alcohol Policy

Sets out criteria for the use, sale and serving of alcohol on campus by students, faculty and staff, and visitors to campus.

Asbestos Management Rules

Establishes the framework for the management of asbestos on campus.

Bicycle, Rollerblade, Scooter and Skateboard (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

Regulations regarding the safe use of bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards on campus.

Gambling on Campus

Sets out the criteria under which gambling will be permitted on campus.

Legal Advice and Charges

Establishes a protocol for the referral of legal issues to the University Secretary and General Council.   Lays out instances where legal fees  will be charged back to departments.

Risk Management Policy

Establishes framework for University’s risk management program.


Other Miscellaneous Policies

Corporate Records and Archive Policies

Defines corporate records and establishes guidelines for their management.

Commercial Activities

Establishes authority for approving any commercial activity on campus.  Establishes operational criteria once approved.

Gift Acceptance Policy (listed alphabetically on the University Secretariat page)

Explains the criteria that will be applied to the decision to accept or reject a gift.

Gifts In Kind Policy

Requirements for the acceptance of gifts in kind, including valuation standards.

Guaranteed Housing Loan Plan

Policy and processes concerning the University’s guaranteed housing loan plan.

Signing Authorities

This policy specifies the authority of various members of the University community to bind the University contractually.