Once a department’s budget is set at May 1, it is continually updated throughout the year for known changes, such as salary increases, or for adjustments to and from other departments. These adjustments are referred to Budget Adjustment Requests or BARs, and are generally restricted to just the Operating Fund, known as Fund 100000. Adjustments can be done to both the base and the fiscal budget.

The Controller’s Office will initiate and process all adjustments to full-time salaries. Budgets pertaining to all other accounts within a department, excluding specific University Budgets*, can be adjusted by departmental administrators or any other signing authority of that unit. The budgets can be reallocated within the unit, or if making a contribution to an initiative sponsored by another department, allocated to that other department.

*University Budgets are those expense items that fall under the general responsibility of a particular department but pertain to the University as a whole and are often not under the complete control of the department. Such budgets include utilities, insurance, benefits, University memberships and student support.

How do I initiate a Budget Adjustment Request (BAR)?