What should I do when a cheque goes missing?

If a University cheque is lost or has not been received, please contact Accounts Payable at accounts.payable@carleton.ca to request a stop payment and re issuance of a new cheque. In your email please include:

  • The name of the payee
  • Cheque amount
  • Currency
  • Type of payment (e.g. Cheque or Draft)
  • Requisition number (e.g. CR12345, TX12345)
  • Approximate date the original requisition was sent to Accounts Payable
  • Any changes to the mailing address (if required)

Please allow at least two weeks from the cheque date (date shown in FAST) prior to requesting a stop payment.

A cheque can be stopped, cancelled and reissued in 5-10 business days.