Credit Card Merchant

There are multiple methods that can be used to accept credit card payments including Point of Sale (POS) terminals, batch processing or e-commerce websites.

The Business Office is responsible for contacting the University’s credit card provider on a Department’s behalf to establish a credit/debit card merchant.

The credit card provider will charge the department a set up fee when the merchant identification number is assigned. Additionally, a monthly fee is assessed which includes equipment rental or software access and the merchant discount percentage on gross sales as well as returned item fees and other sundry charges. These fees will be charged to your budget via journal entry.

Running a short conference or event on campus for your department and interested in allowing your registrants the option of using a credit card? The Business Office has POS terminals for rent on a short term basis. As noted above the set up fees, equipment rental and merchant discount fees will be charged to your budget via a journal entry.

Please contact Diana Pruss at ext 8611 for both long term and short term POS requests and Kristine Simmons at ext 2070 for batch or e-commerce requests and for the current pricing structure.

International Wire Transfers

Incoming Student Payments by Wire Transfer (e.g. Tuition)

Queries on the status of incoming wire transfers may be made to Note as many details as possible in your email, including sender’s name/ country, purpose, and approximate amount of the wire transfer and date sent.  Please allow minimum 5 days for transfer through international banking system before querying receipt.

Outgoing Payments by Wire Transfer

Requests for outgoing international wire transfers may be directed to the Accounts Payable section of the Business Office on a cheque requisition.  Please note the additional information required for the bank transfer.

Returned Items

All cheques forwarded for deposit that are subsequently returned by the bank will be charged back to the revenue account to which they were deposited. Additionally, a Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee of $30.75 will be applied (subject to change).

Stop Payments

Requests for stop payments may be made through Accounts Payable.