How do I make a payment or refund outside of Canada?

USD cheques can be produced for payments to the United States or holders of US bank accounts.  Request a USD cheque by:

  • completing the eShop Cheque Requisition form, including choosing ‘USD’ from the ‘currency’ drop down menu, or
  • by having your delegate select the currency option when completing a claim in the SAP Concur Travel and Expense Reimbursement system.

For other international payments, Accounts Payable has partnered with Convera to provide a low-cost, efficient and reliable payment program.

Payments/ reimbursements to vendors and individuals outside of Canada and the United States are requested through a Cheque Requisition, Purchase Order or by completing an online requisition in the SAP Concur Travel and Expense Reimbursement system.  Additionally, the Electronic Payment Request form (listed alphabetically on Financial Service’s ‘Forms’ webpage) must be completed to capture the banking information required to successfully complete the payment. Attach the Electronic Payment Request form to the Cheque Requisition or Purchase Order or include it with the backup documentation provided to support a travel expense claim.

Banking fees for these payments range between $0.15 (e.g. for an ACH transfer to the United States) to $15 (e.g. for a wire transfer to Africa or Australia).  Most payments made in the receiving country’s currency can be processed for less than $5 or less.

The full value of the payment is sent to the payee’s banking institution without additional fees typically charged by intermediary banks in the standard wire payment process.  Please note however, that the payee’s bank may charge additional fees to complete the incoming payment.  This will be dependent on the account type and processing rules for the payee’s bank.