Financial Services

Angela Marcotte,CPA, CA, Associate Vice-President (Financial Services)
Megghan Perez, Departmental Administrator
Laura Leong, FACTS Coordinator

Finance Office

Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 603 Robertson Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive

(p) 613.520.3602   (f) 613.520.3919

Controller’s Office
Kevin Mann, Controller
Lisa Goudie, CPA, CA, Manager, Financial Accounting & Reporting
Tina DiNardo, Senior Budget & Finance Officer
Stephanie Pomilio, CTP, Manager, Fund Accounting & Reporting
Lauren Heatherington, Budget & Finance Officer
Angela Pelly, Budget Officer
Financial Information Systems
Nataliia Chernenko Manager, Financial Information Systems (on leave)
Amanda Langton, Financial Systems support Specialist
Doug Saunders, Financial Systems Support Specialist

Business Office

Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm 301 Robertson Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive

(p) 613.520.2600 extn. 2494 (f) 613.520.3987

Business Operations
Valerie Evans, CPA, CGA, Director, Business Operations
Kristine Simmons, Manager, Business Operations
Helene Boudreault, Administrative Assistant and Receptionist
Maya Anderson, Accounts Administrator – Payroll
Cheryl Ricker, Accounts Administrator – Payroll
Lesley Samuel, Accounts Receivable and Banking Analyst
Yulia Schoeni, Payment Card Industry Compliance Officer
 Cash Receipts
Diana Pruss, Cash Office Supervisor
Belinda Cahill, Receipt Accounting Administrator
Sevda Smlatic-Lisiecki, Accounting Assistant
 Student Accounts
Sandy Mazereeuw, Manager, Student Accounts
Jonathan Lee, Supervisor, Student Accounts
Barbara Martens, Student Accounts Representative
Briar Pearson, Collection Administrator (on leave)
Charlotte Locke, Student Accounts Representative (acting)
Cody Rennick, Student Accounts Representative (acting)
Rana Abu-Zribeh, Accounts Receivable Administrator
Sandy Marion, Collection Administrator (acting)
Accounts Payable
Laura Wilson, Manager, Accounts Payable
Seamas (James) Matchett, Supervisor, Accounts Payable
Colleen DiGiacomo, Accounts Payable Administrator (Travel)
Jess Haggard, Accounts Payable Administrator
Izzie Kingsley, Accounts Payable Administrator (Pcard)
Kelli Thompson, Accounts Payable Administrator
Lanjun Chang, Accounts Payable Administrator

Research Financial Services

HOURS IN PERSON: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

510 Robertson Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive

Nada Haralovich CPA, CGA, Director, Research Financial Services
Andrea Fowler, Assistant Director, Research Financial Services
Patricia Naidoo, Supervisor
Octave Gatambira, Financial Officer
Amy Liu, Financial Officer
Jennalee Kwiatkowski, Financial Officer (on leave)
Vaizag Mehta, Financial Officer
Melanie Thompson, Financial Officer
Nedim Covrk, Financial Officer
Nicholas Smith, Financial Officer
Nora Kearns, Financial Officer
Samantha Fournier Mackay,  Financial Officer
Tansley Mackan, Financial Officer (on leave)
Haweya Awaleh, Research Finance Clerk

Procurement Services

Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, 609 Robertson Hall, 1125 Colonel By Drive

(p) 613.520.2600 extn. 3622 (email)

eShop (p) 613.520.2600 extn. 3311 (email)