The University General Accounts Receivables (GAR) department is able to assist and provide timely processing of requisitions for invoices for services performed by the University community.  This process includes the creation and sending of invoices to customers. GAR also ensures tax regulations are being met and follow up if the invoice remains outstanding after 60 days.

Steps to have General Accounts Receivable (GAR) process an invoice on your behalf:

  1. Complete the General Accounts Receivable (GAR) Invoice Requisition form (listed alphabetically).
  2. Email the completed form to
  3. GAR will review the form to ensure it has been completed correctly and will create an invoice in FAST.  A copy of the invoice will also be sent to you for your records.
  4. Once the invoice is posted, funds will automatically be transferred to the FOAPAL (i.e. funding source) specified on the GAR Invoice Requisition form.
  5. GAR will email the invoice to the customer and respond to any enquiries regarding payment.

Consider the following when completing the GAR Invoice Requisition form:

  • An email address must be included to send the invoice. Carleton is trying to reduce our use of paper products.
  • The description entered on the form will be included on the invoice.
  • The account code entered for the FOAPAL must be a revenue account. Revenue accounts always begin with a 5.  A list of commonly used account codes can be found here: Commonly Used Accounts – Financial Services (
  • If your sale is taxable, please ensure to note the HST amount on the GAR Invoice Requisition form.
  • Activity codes are optional.
  • We make every reasonable attempt to collect on all invoices, however, if an invoice remains unpaid after 90 days it will be at risk of being cancelled and the funds being reversed from your FOAPAL (i.e. funding source).

Useful Tips