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How-to Sheets

It may look like a great many, but based on your feedback we’ve purposely kept them short so you can pick and choose by task.

Please let us know at facts@carleton.ca if something is not quite right with a video.

Topic How-To Sheet
01. Logging into MyResearch 01. How-To Sheet
02. Financial Officers: How Can I Find Out Who Has Been Assigned to my Department? 02. How-ToSheet
03. How to Use MyResearch to Find a List of my Funds? 03. How-ToSheet
04. How can I Find Basic Information About my Funds? 04. How-To Sheet
05. How do I Find Important Information About a Fund? 05. How-To Sheet
06. How do I Find Financial Summary Information for a Fund? 06. How-To Sheet
07. How do I Find Financial Transaction Level Detail for a Fund? 07. How-To Sheet
08. How do I Find Payroll Expensed to my Fund? 08. How-To Sheet
For Administrators/ Deans
11. Running a Grant Summary for a Faculty or Department Using FAST 11. How-To Sheet

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