We are committed to offering a wide variety of tools and support to help you get started with the Financial Access and Authority Management (FAAM) tool.  On this page you will find FAQs and how-to sheets.  Let us know how we’re doing at facts@carleton.ca.

Access this System: Through CarletonCentral (see the first How-to Sheet below)

Questions? Email financial.systems@carleton.ca

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How-to Sheets

Each short how-to sheet will help you complete a specific type of FAAM action.  The how-to sheets have been categorized based on whether you are completing the action for yourself or someone else.

For Everyone …

1. Loging In

For Yourself …

2. Requesting Financial Approval Access For Myself

3. Requesting Access to a Funding Source for Myself

4. Removing My Own Access to a Funding Source

5. Accepting the Approval-level Access That You Have Been Delegated

For Someone Else (only Index Owners)…

6. Requesting Financial Approval Access for Someone Else

7. Requesting Access to a Funding Source for Someone Else

8. Removing Someone Else’s Access to a Funding Source

9. Approving Access to Your Funding Source for Someone Else

And an extra just for Index Owners …

10. Assigning or Changing Which Owner Receives Notifications


Email financial.systems@carleton.ca