To help you find the unit within Financial Service that can best help you …

Unit Brief Description Phone Email
Student Accounts Student tuition fees and payments

(e.g. How do I pay my tuition?)

Accounts Payable Non-payroll related disbursements/ payments

(e.g. What is the status of my supplier payment/ cheque requisition?)

Business Operations Cash, banking, general accounts receivable 613-520-2600,  ext 2494
Controller’s Office Budgeting, financial accounting and financial statements and reports 613-520-3602
Financial Information Systems Financial management systems and applications
General Inquiries Need help deciding which unit to contact? 613-520-3602
Research Financial Services Sponsored and internally restricted research, entrepreneurial activities, professional service grants and contracts, and professional expense reimbursements
Risk and Insurance Insurance coverage, event risk management, student unpaid placements, university owned vehicles 613-520-2600,  ext 1473