This page describes the general roles and responsibilities of the various units and positions of the University, as it relates to financial transactions.

Budget Manager/Signing Authority/Research Fund Holder

  • Ensure funds are used in accordance with University and/or funding agency policy and guidelines
  • Ensure the most effective and economical use of funds
  • Monitor budgets to ensure activity is their own and balances remain positive
  • Notify Financial Services of erroneous entries
  • Approve requests that are complete, valid and accurate

Departmental Contact or Requisitioner

  • Complete forms/requests for services accurately and fully
  • Provide original supporting documentation
  • Assign the appropriate FOAPAL to the transaction
  • Authorize each expenditure or seek from other authorized individual

Deans/Chairs/Department Heads

  • Ensure financial activity falls within overall budget
  • Confirm expenditures are for University purposes and are in accordance with University policy
  • Cover over-expenditures in unit-related research and special purpose funds as required
  • Confirm availability of matching institutional funding where required for related research funds

Financial Services

  • Provide the University community with the tools, advice and guidance to effectively manage their financial resources
  • Develop financial systems and provide the relevant training to support operational and reporting needs
  • Provide advice and oversight on the development and management of budgets that ensure the long term financial health of the University
  • Ensure transactions are processed accurately, in accordance with University or externally applicable policy, and in a timely manner
  • Provide guidance on business continuity planning
  • Provide financial reports and statutory remittances to various stakeholders
  • Establish policies and guidelines that ensure effective stewardship of the University’s financial resources and are in accordance externally imposed directives
  • Oversees the University’s procurement of goods and services through competitive, open, fair, and transparent processes and ensures compliance with university policies and public sector legislative requirements