The forms listed below are those related to the areas of Student Accounts, Business Operations, Risk, Research Accounting and Finance. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact Financial Services at 613.520.3602 (

Student Related Cash and Banking Expenditures/Reimbursements
Research Financial Services Risk and Insurance Other Miscellaneous Forms

Student Related Forms

Third Party Consent Form

Authorization to discuss or release your student account information with a third party, like parents or sponsors.

Cash and Banking Forms

Canadian deposit form (cash and cheque only)

Complete this form when submitting a deposit of only Canadian cash or cheques to the Business Office.

Canadian deposit form (cash/cheque/credit and debit card)

Complete this form when submitting a deposit of a combination of Canadian cash, cheques,  and/or credit/debit card transactions to the Business Office.

Credit and debit deposit form (credit and debit card no cash or cheque)

Complete this form when submitting a deposit of only credit/debit card transactions to the Business Office (no cash or cheques).

Foreign funds deposit memo form

Complete this form when submitting a deposit of foreign funds or cheques to the Business Office.

USD deposit form

Complete this form when submitting a deposit of US cash or cheques to the Business Office.


Expenditure and Reimbursement Forms

Certificate of Missing Document

This form can be used when a Purchasing Card holder is missing a receipt for backup purposes for their Purchasing Card (PCard or ECard) reconciliation.

Claimant Declaration Form

To be completed by any claimant who has had a Travel and Expense advance or reimbursement request submitted online by a Delegate.

Confirmation of Information and Indemnification Agreement

This form must be attached to the independent contractor questionnaire form that can be found in eShop.  This form is never submitted on its own.

CUASA Professional Expense Reimbursements

CUASA members are to submit all profession expenses using the online SAP Concur Travel and Expense Reimbursement System at

Electronic Payment Request Form (i.e. wire payments)

This form must be completed and attached to all payment requests that are to be paid by wire or made electronically.  

Employee Purchase Loan Program – Payroll Deduction

All continuing employees (faculty and staff) eligible to participate in the purchase loan program should complete the online  Employee Purchase Program Pre-Authorization request form and submit to Procurement Services.  Further details outlining eligibility and restrictions can be found in section E.13.1 of the HR Policies Manual.

Non-Resident Payments: Mandatory Supplemental Information

This form must be completed prior to the first payment in a given tax year to a non-resident.

Payroll Profile (

To be completed by manager when hiring a new casual or student employee.

Request for Provision of Alcohol at Events

To be completed to request approval for alcohol service at an event hosted by Carleton University.


Research Financial Services Forms

Course Buyout Confirmation

Confirmation that the Researcher has received a course buyout and details of funds required to hire a replacement.

Delegation of Financial Authority

Confirmation that the Fund holder is delegating signing authority on research and restricted funds to another individual employed at Carleton.

Posting Authority Agreement

Confirmation that the Fund holder is delegating posting authority on research and restricted funds to another individual employed at Carleton.

Request for Enterprise Fund

Required documentation to create a fund dedicated to enterprise activities such as holding a conference or workshop, laboratory services, offering a non-credit course or rental of space or equipment.

Voice Services Authorization Form for Research Funds

Authorization to charge long distance charges and/or monthly phone rental to research funds.


Risk and Insurance Forms

Field Trip Planning and Approval Form

To be completed in advance of a field trip to identify risk and develop a risk management strategy. NOTE: This is a Word document, when you click on it your web browser will download the document.

Informed Consent

To be used for compulsory academic field trips or other academic activities off campus where students are to assessed on the activity.

Parental Permission Form

To be completed and signed by parents or legal guardian of any child participating in an event or program at Carleton University. 

Request to Add or Delete a Driver

To be used to add or delete a driver of University vehicles on the University’s automobile insurance policy.

Request for Certificate of Insurance

To be completed when proof of the University’s insurance coverage is requested.

Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Used to conduct a departmental risk assessment.

Vehicle Accident Report

Must be completed by the driver of any vehicle, university-owned or personal, that is involved in an accident while on University business.

Volunteer Registration Form

To be completed to register volunteers to ensure they are aware of their status at the University and to ensure liability insurance coverage .

Waiver of Liability

To be used when students voluntarily participate in high-risk, non-compulsory activities on or off campus, academic or non-academic.


Other Miscellaneous Forms

COVID-19 Supplies Inventory Tracking Form

All managers are required to use this form to track all major equipment and items delivered to employee’s homes.

GAR Invoice Requisition

Document required to initiate invoicing of third parties for goods and services provided by Carleton (non-research related only).

Sample Signature Form

Required documentation to verify signature on any Carleton expenditure form.