Please note the following guidelines for submitting an ethics application:

  1. Only members of the Carleton community (including registered Carleton students, faculty, staff and library staff) are eligible to submit an ethics application.
  2. All CUREB A and B submissions are received through CuResearch. Please see our CuResearch User Manual for directions on how to submit a new application or an event.
  3. Researchers can access the web-based tutorial ‘TCPS CORE – 2022’ for ethical conduct in research involving humans at

If you have any questions about submitting an ethics application, please contact us at

Forms and templates are periodically updated; please visit the designated page before submitting your application to ensure you are using the correct version.

These forms are provided for your protocol submission and revision. If you have any questions about the appropriate form to submit, please contact

These templates are provided to assist you in creating the required documentation for use with your protocol submission and revision.

Note: You can find Carleton-branded assets (such as logos) by visiting the Carleton Brand website.