Natasha Artemeva Linguistics and Language Studies


Augustine Park Sociology

Board Members

Kelly Babchishin Psychology
Jeremiah Bell Linguistics and Language Studies
Martha Attridge-Bufton MacOdrum Library
Casey Gray Cultural Mediations
Louise Heslop Business
Dennis Kao Social Work
Margaret Janse van Rensburg Graduate Student, Social Work
Jean-Michel Landry Sociology and Anthropology
Carlos Novas Sociology and Anthropology
Bernadette Campbell Psychology
Klaus Pohle Journalism and Communication
Saul Schwartz Public Policy and Administration
Inger Weibust International Affairs
Pierce White-Joncas Access to Information and Privacy Manager
Morgan Currie Art & Culture

Community Members

Vanessa Carroll Lawyer / Legal Expertise
Iva Apostolova Community Member
Phil Charko Community Member
Nettie Boivin Community Member

Membership dates: July 2022-June 2023