Bernadette Campbell Psychology


Kathryne Dupre Psychology
Natasha Artemeva Linguistics and Language Studies (sabbatical)

Board Members

Kelly Babchishin Psychology
Jeremiah Bell Graduate Student, Linguistics and Language Studies
Martha Attridge-Bufton MacOdrum Library
Pamela Grassau Social Work
Louise Heslop Business
Rebekah Ingram Geomatics and Geographic Research Centre
Margaret Janse van Rensburg Graduate Student, Social Work
Jean-Michel Landry Sociology and Anthropology
Carlos Novas Sociology and Anthropology
Augustine Park Sociology and Anthropology
Klaus Pohle Journalism and Communication
Saul Schwartz Public Policy and Administration
Inger Weibust International Affairs
Pierce White-Joncas Access to Information and Privacy Manager

Community Members

Vanessa Carroll Lawyer / Legal Expertise

Membership dates: July 2020-June 2021