All CUREB A and B submissions are received through CuResearch.

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Protocol Submission Process:

(Note: We will respond to new submissions in 2-3 business days, however, expect delays due to recent staffing changes and increased application volume during peak periods such as October-February.).

Protocol Submission Review/Revisions Clearance Protocol Changes Renewal/Closure
  1. Consult an Application Checklist prior to submitting a protocol to CUREB-A or CUREB-B to ensure all elements of your protocol submission have been included.
  2. Complete CUREB Protocol Form and all required attachments and attach them to a new application in CuResearch.
  3. If applicable, the faculty Supervisor (PI) submits the completed protocol to CUREB in CuResearch. Alternatively, the student may submit the protocol as the PI if they attach a signed copy of the Supervisor Signature Form to their application in CuResearch. The supervisor may also email to demonstrate their approval of the protocol.
3. CUREB reviews protocol and formulates a decision; decisions are sent to the researcher via email.

4. Researcher team revises and attaches revisions with changes highlighted in yellow, along with a point-by-point response letter, in CuResearch..

5. Faculty Supervisor (PI) submits revised protocol to CUREB in CuResearch.

Alternatively, the student may submit the revisions as the PI if they have a  signed copy of the Supervisor Signature Form attached to their file. The supervisor may also email to demonstrate their approval of the revisions.

6. CUREB will issue clearance when revisions are adequate. Research can begin, subject to all other requirements 7. If any procedure or parameters for a study changes, submit a Change to Protocol form.

Outline the changes and include any attachments (e.g., revised versions of the research instrument, recruitment materials, or consent forms).

Please also update the CUREB Protocol Form with all changes to the study methods

The research team may submit the Change to Protocol form in CuResearch.

NOTE: Changes cannot take effect until clearance for the Change to Protocol has been granted.

8. Annual Status Reports (in the form of the CUREB Renewal Closure/ Form) must be submitted prior to expiry of clearance (one year from initial clearance).OR

When research concludes, the research team should attach a CUREB Renewal/ Closure form in CuResearch to close the protocol.

**The Research Ethics and Compliance Office will notify the researcher prior to the expiry of their ethics clearance.

Visit our Forms and Templates page for more instructions and samples.