Every year, SIGNALS connects students and alumni, and while this year may pose different challenges than previous ones, that remains what we are aiming to do.

What is the SIGNALS Mentoring Program?
The virtual matching program is where a first-year SEP student gets matched with one or two alumni of the Sustainable Energy Policy program. Each student participant will be paired with alumni with either a similar background or similar interests. The aim of the program is to connect regularly to touch base, make connections with professionals in the field, ask questions about the program or industry, and hopefully, both gain an insight or two from the experience. If you are a first-year SE student and looking to register, click here:

Mentor information (Alumni):

As an alumni of the program, you have insights and experience that you likely wish someone had shared with you when you first started your Masters degree. This is your chance to share those with a cohort of students who will need all the support they can get. This program would involve regularly connecting and chatting with a student, and participation costs nothing except your time. To register as a mentor, please click the link below: