To All Members of the Carleton Community,

Over the last eight weeks, the Strategic Integrated Planning (SIP) Task Force has been actively engaging the Carleton community in interactive discussions about Carleton’s strengths and vision for the future. We have had informative and productive discussions during this Open Consultation phase and we thank everyone for your engagement in this important process.

We have now collected contributions from more than 1,000 in-person conversations and more than 200 online submissions. Based on this data, the SIP Task Force has identified several emerging themes that will help shape our conversations as we move into the next phase of the SIP process: the Themed Consultation phase.

The graphic below outlines the overall process and timeline for the Strategic Integrated Plan:

Graphic showing SIP Timeline phases: Open Consultation phase is September to Nov. 8, Themed Consultation Phase is November-December, Draft and Review SIP is January to February 2020, Draft Consultation Phase is March to April, and the Presentation and Approval of the SIP is May to June 2020.

Themed Consultations on Mission Pillars and Emerging Strategic Themes

In reviewing the identified themes, it became apparent that they span two distinct categories: Mission Pillars and Emerging Strategic Themes.

Mission Pillars refer to the core activities of the university – research, teaching and learning, the student experience, and organizational excellence. Success on these activities is critical to achieving our mission but these activities are not unique to Carleton. During the themed consultation phase, we will explore the ways in which we can build our strengths in the following Mission Pillars:

  • Research
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Experience
  • Organizational Excellence

The Emerging Strategic Themes are ideas we heard from the campus community about how we can leverage our strengths and distinctive campus character to create a unique vision of Carleton’s future. The Emerging Strategic Themes are intended to be applied across the Mission Pillars. They represent alternative visions of what Carleton could become. Although the themes will evolve as we develop these ideas further, the next phase of our consultation will be structured around the following preliminary Emerging Strategic Themes as possible futures for Carleton, in no particular order:

  • Leadership in Sustainability
  • Campus-Community Engagement
  • Access, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
  • Real-World/Social Impact Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries
  • Healthy Environments
  • Innovation
  • Internationalization
  • Indigenous Initiatives

We invite and welcome your feedback on these themes. We will hold one campus-wide consultation on each topic. These consultations will differ from the sessions in the Open Consultation phase and will dive more deeply into the particular theme to help us envision how this approach could shape Carleton’s future.

Registration is now open for the following sessions:

Consultation for the Emerging Strategic Theme of Indigenous Initiatives will be integrated with the work of the Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee (CUISIC) on the recommendation of CUISIC. As with the Open Consultation phase, you can provide your feedback online or through in-person consultations.

We welcome your insight, bold thinking and big ideas!


Lorraine Dyke
Co-Chair, Strategic Integrated Planning Task Force
Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning)

Betina Appel Kuzmarov
Co-Chair, Strategic Integrated Planning Task Force
Clerk of Senate

Patrice Smith
Co-Chair, Strategic Integrated Planning Task Force
Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

Cindy Taylor
Co-Chair, Strategic Integrated Planning Task Force
Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources