We invite you to provide your feedback on the draft of the next Carleton University Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP). This document is the product of a broad and consultative process. Since the SIP Task Force was formed in September 2019, we have engaged in more than 1,000 conversations with the Carleton community about Carleton’s strengths and vision for the future. The draft SIP draws inspiration from Carleton’s unique geographical positioning at the confluence of the Rideau River and Rideau Canal, and from its third triangular axis representing campus-community connections.

The SIP Task Force looks forward to your feedback on this draft. Contribute feedback using the form below. The form will be available until March 18.

After March 18, the SIP Task Force will review the feedback received and determine if further edits need to be made before finalizing the SIP for approval. We hope you will participate as the document will undoubtedly be strengthened based on the conversations in this next phase. Our community is strongest when we collaborate.

We thank you for your engagement in this important process and we look forward to your contributions.

Provide Feedback on the Draft Strategic Integrated Plan

  • Please read the draft Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP) before providing feedback.
  • You may leave this field blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Aspiration Statement

    This question refers to the Aspiration Statement on page 5 of the Strategic Integrated Plan. It is repeated here for your reference:

    Carleton University will leverage the power of higher education to be a force for good.
    We will co-create and share knowledge to shape a better future.
    We will embed partnership and community engagement, locally and internationally, in our actions and culture.
    We will work to enhance the wellness of people, communities and the planet.
  • Direction: Share Knowledge. Shape the Future.

    This question refers to the "Direction: Share Knowledge. Shape the Future." section of the Strategic Integrated Plan (pages 6-8).
  • Direction: Serve Ottawa. Serve the World.

    This question refers to the "Direction: Serve Ottawa. Serve the World." section of the Strategic Integrated Plan (pages 9 to 11).
  • Direction: Strive for Wellness. Strive for Sustainability.

    This question refers to the "Direction: Strive for Wellness. Strive for Sustainability." section of the Strategic Integrated Plan (pages 12 to 14).
  • General Feedback

    For the remaining two questions, consider the overall Strategic Integrated Plan.
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