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Coordinated Accessibility Strategy

The creation of a Coordinated Accessibility Strategy emerged from the desire to continue building on Carleton’s commitment to creating a culture of accessibility. Following an extensive consultation process, Carleton University approved the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy and mandated the READ Initiative, now the Accessibility Institute, with its implementation.

The Carleton University Coordinated Accessibility Strategy (CAS) is the university’s multi-year plan that guides the university in its accessibility initiatives. View the CAS annual progress reports.

The CAS serves as a framework to guide Carleton’s ongoing commitment towards a campus that is accessible for all students, employees, and visitors. The Strategy is intended to not only coordinate the many accessibility services, programs, and initiatives that already exist, but also continue to inspire a strong campus culture of accessibility and inclusion.

Annual Progress Reports


To keep the community informed on the activities related to the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy, news updates will be posted here. For any questions or additional information related to the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy, please contact AccessibilityStrategy@carleton.ca.