Carleton takes first place for the 3rd consecutive year!!!  Congratulations to Jasmine Yeung

1st place

The E-Paw Expandable Portable Accessible Washroom – Jasmine Yeung

3rd place

Ami-Go  – Katie Roepke
Friend locator and navigation aid for people with visual impairments


Bird’s Eye – Ally Krug
Inaccessible venues prevent people with visual impairments from enjoying sporting events Bird’s EYE breaks social barriers and gives users a sense of inclusivity

Other amazing submissions by Carleton University Students

CanUgan Team
Canugan, in association with kadupedi presented the need for devices to assist people with disabilities in the rural areas of uganda. The goal for this project was to design products that not only assist these users but create empowerment through accessibility.

Inform – Jack Jen
Assistive activewear for people with visual impairments to learn taekwondo

Insight Shopping Device – Yesmeen Ghader
InSight addresses barriers in active living faced by people with vision impairment. More specifically, barriers of information in the context of shopping, in which tasks like finding the right store, reading signs, and identifying colours can be difficult and time consuming.

Memory Boggle – Michelle Zheng
A conversation helper for families with alzheimer’s disease

RU talking to me – Tyler Smith and Kevin Lemay
An assistive device for people with hearing impairments

Rememo – Sean Parker
A simple way to bring families with Alheimer’s closer together