The purpose of the Research Snapshot Sessions is to present a ‘data blitz’ in which researchers introduce  unique and cutting-edge findings. The goal is to inspire discussion and provide an opportunity for conference participants to get a sense of the broad, rich range of questions and approaches that are being employed to understand the relation between social processes and health.

June 3

Tegan Cruwys with G.A. Dingle, C. Haslam, S. A. Haslam, J. Jetten, & T. A. Morton. Social group memberships prevents depression relapse.

Cath Haslam with T. Cruwys, & S.A. Haslam. Preserving cognitive health as we age: Evidence of the distinctive benefits of social group ties.

Michelle Kearns with O.T. Muldoon, & R.M. Msetfi. Sharing Hope: The Community Impact of Pieta House Suicide Prevention Centres.

Opal McInnis with R.J. McQuaid, K. Matheson, & H. Anisman. An Association of the Oxytocin Receptor Polymorphism with Depressive Symptoms Following Unsupport: The Mediating Role of Emotion-Focused Coping.

Orla Muldoon with S. Gallagher, T. Walsh, & S. Meaney. Social identity and cardiovascular reactions to acute stress exposure.

Stephen Walsh with O.T. Muldoon, S. Gallagher, D.G. Fortune. Active and affiliative identities: Investigating relationships between social identity, social support, anxiety and depression amongst survivors of brain injury.

June 4

Holly Carter with J. Drury, R. Amlôt, G.J. Rubin, & R. Williams. Effective responder communication improves efficiency and psychological outcomes in a mass decontamination field experiment: implications for public behaviour in the event of a chemical incident.

Mindi Foster. Tweeting about sexism: The psychological benefits of a social media collective action.

Katie Greenaway with T. Cruwys & S.A. Haslam. Perceived control protects well-being following identity loss.

Alex Haslam with N. Koudenburg, D. Loschelder, D. Weston, K. Fransen, S. De Dominicis, & S. Gallagher. The health costs and benefits of pursuing social ties: Evidence from an emerging network.

Catherine Naughtan with A.T. O’Donnell, & O.T. Muldoon. Social identity, risk or protective: The paradoxical consequences of various social Identities in the context of intimate partner violence.

Niklas Steffens with S.A. Haslam, R. Kerschreiter, S.C. Schuh, & R. van Dick. Leaders enhance group members’ work engagement and reduce their burnout by crafting social identity.

Renate Ysseldyk with S. A. Haslam & T.A. Morton. Stairway to heaven? (Ir)religious identity moderates the effect of religious spaces on self-esteem and physical health.

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