Centre for Jewish Studies

Religion 3850 Israel Travel Course:

Religion in Historical and Contemporary Contexts in Israel

Join Professor Deidre Butler on a trip to Israel for course credit in May 2016!

Students will learn through a geographical exploration of famous sites all over Israel: Biblical Israel at the Temple Mount; origins of Christianity out of Judaism in the Galilee and in Jerusalem; Second Temple Judaism at Qumran and Masada; Rabbinic Judaism in ancient synagogues and in a special exhibit at the Israel Museum: Crusades at the ruins of a Crusader fortress; Jewish mysticism in 17th century Safed; the Holocaust at Yad Vashem.  We will also learn about religious diversity in Israel by hearing from Women of the Wall, learning with local Arab, Jewish and Christian university students, spending time with Druze and Black Jews, share a traditional Shabbat in Jerusalem, explore a modern kibbutz, visit the Baha’i Temple in Haifa, and observing the meeting of secular and religious life on the beaches of Tel Aviv.

Students will have the opportunity to travel independently for research and exploration over the last long weekend of the course.

This year’s course is offered by Professor Deidre Butler with guest lectures by international scholars through partnerships with Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University.

The trip is open to undergraduates, graduate students, auditors, and students from other universities through transfer credits.

RELI: 5850  Israel Travel Course:  Religion and Public Life in Israel.  Graduate students will travel with undergraduates but will receive graduate credit, travel with the course, and have different assignments and readings.  The theme of Religion and Public will frame graduate student assignments and readings.

*Please note that students who do not wish to take the course for credit can audit instead, as long as they pay the Carleton audit fee (which is the same fee as taking the course for credit).