We expect you to apply for all funding possible and plan ahead for the costs associated with the course. If you have done so, and still need help, please do speak to Dr. Butler as soon as possible.

Davidson Fund

Two bursaries to be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Davidson Fund Committee to graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in a Religion program at Carleton University. Eligible students must demonstrate financial need. If a graduate student is selected the bursary will be awarded by the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. Available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Maurice Price Foundation Travel Bursary

Awarded annually on the recommendation of the Director of the College of Humanities to students who are travelling abroad for study in fulfillment of their curricular requirements, or as part of organized travel through the College. Such initiatives may include attendance at archeological summer field schools, travel courses offered through the College, group trips associated with the College or other travel opportunities approved by the Director.

Edgar & Dorothy Davidson Travel Bursary in Religion Studies
Awarded annually to students enrolled in a Religion program at Carleton University who are undertaking travel in support of their studies. Application to the Davidson Fund Committee is required. Established in 2011 from the Edgar and Dorothy Davidson Fund in Religious Studies

BGInS IER Bursary
BGInS students undertaking their mandatory International Experience Requirement (IER) are eligible to apply to for a bursary for financial assistance towards their IER costs.

The Paul Bregman Family Student Experience Award
The purpose of this award is to support two full time undergraduate students at Carleton University to participate in experiential learning opportunities such as travel for study and research, competitions, and attending international conferences and workshops.

Graduate Student Travel/Research Bursary
The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs provides funds to students in financial need who require assistance to conduct or present their research. The fund may cover a portion of the cost related to field travel and supplies, long-distance telephone charges, questionnaire publication, translation, mailing, and the cost of copying journal articles. It may also cover costs related to attend a scholarly conference at which the graduate student is presenting a paper.

Student Activities Fund

The Student Activities Fund provides financial support to recognized undergraduate students or student groups. The approval of an application for funding depends upon the availability of funds and if the request is consistent with the criteria outlined in the Student Activities Fund Policy https://carleton.ca/seo/wp-content/uploads/SAF-Policy.pdf

Alfred and Isabel Bader Student Travel Awards

Awarded annually to one or more undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing who have demonstrated an interest in travelling away from Carleton University to present papers and posters, to participate in an exchange, or to pursue other research travel pertinent to their studies. Should the recipient be a graduate student then the bursary will be awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. Should the recipient be an undergraduate student then the bursary will be awarded through the Awards Office.

Student Initiative Fund