Please be advised that an IER Bursary is no longer available for IER related travel funding. See below the current available bursary funding, deadlines and applications instructions related to your chosen IER. 

  • Bursaries area managed by the Awards and Financial Aid Office.
  • The intent of the bursary is to supplement, not replace, a student’s primary source of funding.
  • The bursary is awarded based on financial need, the maximum award is $2500, and there is no longer a guaranteed minimum award for all applicants.
  • Students need to be aware that those who receive the bursary may not receive the money before IER related fees are due.

International Internship or Course Taught Abroad

BGInS students undertaking their IER in the form of an Internship (virtual or in- person), or a Course Taught Abroad will be considered for The General Undergraduate Bursary.

How to Apply
The General Undergraduate Bursary application is available on Carleton Central from September to October 31, 2024.  The application asks students to briefly describe their international experience opportunity (include start/end dates, destination, and an estimate of the costs). The Awards Office will assess the application for any applicable bursary awards.

BGInS students undertaking an IER who have not applied for a bursary by the deadline should contact

International Exchange

BGInS students undertaking their IER in the form of a Carleton International Exchange will be considered for bursary funding by completing the CU Outgoing Exchange Bursary Application.

How to Apply
Undergraduate students participating in the Outgoing Exchange Program will have access to complete the CU Outgoing Exchange Bursary Application from April to June 30, 2024.

Students who have not applied by the application deadline may still be considered for a bursary by completing the General Undergraduate Bursary application (available on Carleton Central from September to October 31, 2024).