BGInS students undertaking their IER are eligible to apply to the CU Exchange/International Experience Bursary for financial assistance towards their IER costs.

  • The Bursary is managed by the Awards and Financial Aid Office.
  • Bursaries are valued at $500-$2500.
  • The intent of the bursary is supplementary to the student’s primary source of funding.
  • All BGInS students are eligible, but amounts will vary according to need.
  • Special consideration will be given to students receiving funds from OSAP (or other provincial equivalent) or from a financial institution.
  • The IER bursary is meant to help cover non-tuition related expenses.  Students need to be aware that those who receive the bursary may not receive the money before fees are due.

How to Apply

  • Complete and save the International Experience Bursary form as a PDF. (This form is not meant for those taking part in the International Internship Program. If you are interested in an International Internship, please visit or contact the team at
  • Log into Carleton Central
  • Select Travel Registry under the Personal Information tab in the Main Menu
  • Once in the Travel Registry function, select Add Travel Record
  • In the Travel Information portion, enter in your departure and arrival dates
  • In the Reason for my travel drop-down menu, select BGInS IER
  • The six IER options will then appear in a new drop-down menu; select your chosen option
  • Enter the remaining information in the Travel Contact Information
  • Submit a PDF version of your application to

Dates & Deadlines

  • March 1: Application deadline for a Summer term IER
  • July 1: Application deadline for a Fall term IER
  • November 1: Application deadline for a Winter term IER


Students satisfying the IER through GINS 3100, Global and International Group Project, are ineligible to receive CU Exchange/International Experience Bursary funding.

Students participating in a Government of Ontario sponsored exchange program are ineligible to receive CU Exchange/International Experience Bursary funding during their study period abroad. These programs are as follows:

  • Ontario/Baden-Wurttenberg (OBW) Exchange Program
  • Ontario/India (OIN) Exchange Program
  • Ontario/Jiangsu (OJS) Exchange Program

Note:  Students participating in the Ontario/Rhone-Alpes (ORA) Exchange or ORA Summer Language program may remain eligible for IER Bursary funding.