Course outlines for the BGInS core courses being offered in the current term can be found on the Course Outlines page.

Why does BGInS have a core course sequence?

  • Core courses give BGInS students a common foundation in global and international studies.
  • To challenge students to think outside the usual disciplinary boundaries.
  • The courses serve as an introduction to themes and issues that students will examine in more depth through the Specializations and  Streams.
  • They encourage inter-disciplinary dialogue.
  • After completing the mandatory courses, students will have an understanding of the world we live in from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives.

First year

Image of student overlooking a plaza in Seville spain while on International Placement

International Placement – Seville, Spain

GINS 1000 Global History provides a background and context for the contemporary global order.
GINS 1010 International Law and Politics introduces the international state system and the challenges of international co-operation.
GINS 1020 Ethnography, Globalization and Culture examines the intersection of globalization processes with social and cultural diversity.

Second year

Image of student with an elephant while on an International Placement in Thailand

International Placement – Thailand

GINS 2000 Ethics and Globalization introduces students to debates on global ethical issues and challenges them to think about their role as an ethical global actor.
GINS 2010 Globalization and International Economic Issues examines the workings of the global economy.
GINS 2020 Global Literatures introduces students to the global dynamics of the contemporary literary imagination.

Third year

GINS 3010 Global and International Theory is an advanced analysis of global and international theory from a variety of theoretical perspectives, many of which will have been introduced in earlier core courses.
GINS 3020 Places, Boundaries, Movements and Global Environmental Change examines the relationship between individual places and global social and environmental changes.

Fourth year

Honours Seminar in Global and International Studies. A variety of seminars will be offered each year, focusing on a different theme or issue; students are required to choose one. All seminars require integration of knowledge across different areas of emphasis in global and international studies.

International Placement – Kenya