IER Forms

Travel Registry

All students going abroad must complete the Travel Registry on Carleton Central before travelling abroad. The steps are as follows:

  • Log into Carleton Central
  • Select Travel Registry under the Personal Information tab in the Main Menu
  • Once in the Travel Registry function, select Add Travel Record
  • In the Travel Information portion, enter in your departure and arrival dates
  • In the Reason for my travel drop-down menu, select BGInS IER
  • The six IER options will then appear in a new drop-down menu; select your chosen option
  • Enter the remaining information in the Travel Contact Information
  • Click submit once all information is entered

Required Documents

Once students have submitted their information in the Travel Registry, they are then able to upload required supporting documentation. Students will not be permitted to begin their IER option without complete and accurate submission of required documentation. It is not possible to upload the documentation prior to completing the Travel Registry. You will be redirected to the document upload page once you have submitted your travel record. All documents have to be in PDF format, and no larger than 2MB in size.

  • Step 1: For each document, select the type, select the file from the source on your device and then upload the document
  • Step 2: You will be able to review the documents for completion and accuracy before finalizing them to the Document Management System

For most IER options, students must fill out and complete certain forms before they will be allowed to participate in that option.

The forms are available in the links below.  Please note that there are different forms for each option, so be sure to fill out and complete the correct set of forms for the option you have chosen.

  1. Exchange
  2. Placement Outside Canada
  3. Placement In Canada
  4. GINS 3200 Experiential Learning Abroad
  5. Carleton Course Taught Abroad
  6. Letter of Permission
  7. GINS 3100, Global and International Group Project: No required forms