Students have the opportunity to gain real-world research and project development experience all from the classroom in Ottawa! Under the direction of a Carleton instructor, students work together as “e-volunteers” with an overseas partner. This course is open to all undergraduate students (not just BGInS students) with third year standing or higher.  For BGInS students, GINS 3100 satisfies the International Experience Requirement (IER).  Students completing this course are not eligible for the IER bursary. Registration for the course is through the regular course registration system.

GINS 3100, Winter 2024

Instructor: Eric Van Rythoven

This is a work-based, experiential learning course in Global and International Studies in
which students e-intern for the National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4), a pan-Canadian platform of
service providers working in the healthcare and settlement sectors who provide support to Canadian
newcomers. In an online context, students will work individually, or in pairs, on one project. Some projects
include: conducting a gap analysis of missing thematic areas of the N4 learning framework; resource,
training and research curation to inform N4 programming; creating webinars and trainings; research
monitoring and evaluation frameworks and strategies; infographic design; virtual conference organization;
documenting journeys of newcomers through interviews, video, stories and blogging; developing and
conducting surveys with N4 members to understand service provisioning challenges post Covid-19.