Students have the opportunity to gain real-world research and project development experience all from the classroom in Ottawa! Under the direction of a Carleton instructor, students work together as “e-volunteers” with an overseas partner.  This course is open to all undergraduate students (not just BGInS students) with third year standing or higher.  For BGInS students, GINS 3100 satisfies the International Experience Requirement (IER).  Students completing this course are not eligible for the IER bursary. Registration for the course is through the regular course registration system.

GINS 3100, Winter 2020

Instructor: M. Steckley, BGInS

Through our innovative e-learning environment, students will partner with Cuso International on the multi-country project “Follow the Feminist Africa”. Students will identify, map, and investigate key leaders, movements and organizations in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania who are struggling for gender equity, and the rights of women and girls.

In concrete terms, we will conduct a situation analysis of feminist and women’s rights movements to inform and advise on Gender and Social Inclusion programming offered through Cuso International, which is committed to providing meaningful, life-giving, and enriching education, and economic opportunities for women, and to bolster women’s movements as they seek gender equity.

This course provides students the opportunity to develop practical skills in multi-scalar research, gender analysis, and to participate in the development of gender-inclusive programming. Students will have the opportunity to actively engage in the non-profit sector, to enhance skills in inter-cultural exchange, and to make a meaningful contribution to the empowerment and livelihood prospects of women and girls in Africa. Beyond this, students will have the opportunity to work in consultation with professionals in the field, and community leaders in Addis Ababa, Lagos, and Dar es Salaam, providing the foundations for meaningful career networks.