International Placement – Testimonials

“Being a Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington D.C. has given me the chance to apply the skills attained as a BGInS student within a practical work environment. Skills such as writing, editing, researching, and engaging in debate with prominent policymakers has allowed me to garner a greater understanding of how a non-governmental organization functions. For example, my publications on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) coming up to the renegotiations, and Canada’s foreign relations with the rest of the hemisphere, has opened room for informed dialogue on issues concerning Canadians. My internship at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs has been an invaluable experience, because it has given me the opportunity to write publications that I am passionate about while providing proactive policy solutions to political and economic issues facing the western hemisphere.”

Sheldon Birkett
BGInS Intern with Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Washington, D.C

“Overall my experiences with my International Placement were no less than life changing. Exploring a new culture for 3 months while feeling the impact an organization can make in a developing country is truly remarkable. I gained contacts from all over East Africa in my direct field of study as well as more than relevant work experience. My placement taught me valuable life lessons and made me feel comfortable in a professional setting. I shared this experience with a tight group of students from all over Canada, making friendships that will last a lifetime. Semester in Development is a truly unique experience and I will carry its benefits for years to come.”

Kayley Lenders
BGInS Intern with Insight Global Education