Why Join Global and International Studies?

  • BGInS is the first program in Canada to emphasize both global and international approaches to the study of the world.
  • The BGInS program examines the world through multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • Our faculty members are experts in a wide variety of topics related to global and international studies as well as specialists in a number of different world regions.
  • Carleton has the Capital Advantage of being located in Ottawa – the seat of the Canadian federal government, and the city is home to many of Canada’s internationally-oriented institutions such as Global Affairs Canada.
  • A BGInS degree can provide the foundation for careers in advertising, business, communications, foreign service, journalism, marketing, policy analysis, public relations, public service, sales and many other fields.

Unique features of the BGInS Program include:

Multidisciplinary core courses that provide students with a common foundation in global and international studies.

18 specializations that allow students to acquire more in-depth knowledge of a subject or area of interest.

Language requirement that enables students to engage with another culture in a second language.

International Experience Requirement that provides students with the practical experience of living, working or studying abroad.

Experiential learning is a key feature of the student experience.


The BGInS office is OPEN 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday-Friday. Please note that not all staff will be available on campus every day. We are happy to assist you by scheduled appointment, in-person, via MS Teams or Zoom.

We encourage students to reach out for support via bgins@carleton.ca.  Please always include your student ID.  We will respond to your email in a timely manner, keeping in mind that there are peak volume times that can affect our response time.