The Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) degree is offered jointly by the Faculty of Public Affairs and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for students interested in learning and engaging with the world in which we live. The BGInS program is both multidisciplinary, in that it introduces students to the many different disciplinary perspectives on global and international studies, and interdisciplinary, in that it places these disciplinary perspectives in critical dialogue with each other. Completion of a BGInS degree will allow students to pursue a wide range of career options related to global and international studies, including graduate school in a number of disciplines.

Unique features of the BGInS Program include:

Multidisciplinary core courses provide students with a common foundation in global and international studies.
18 specializations allow students to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of a subject of particular interest.
Our language requirement enables students to engage with another culture in a second language.
Our International Experience Requirement gives students the practical experience of living, working or studying abroad.

Students are admitted to the (20 credit) Honours degree only. Once underway in the program, students may transfer to the (15 credit) General degree.

The BGInS Program offers several opportunities for experiential learning. Please see below for a showcase of one of the options that students can undertake to fulfill their International Experience Requirement, which is the International Placement option.