As our world becomes increasingly globalized and interconnected, having a broad expertise is critical. The issues that face our world today are complex, but the Bachelor of Global and International Studies program ensured I had the knowledge to enter my field with confidence. The interdisciplinary approach of the Global Development stream exposed me to a range of subjects including economics, ethnography, history, political science, geography, development, languages, and more, which opens up doors to a wide variety of careers.

While the COVID-19 pandemic permanently postponed my International Experience Requirement (IER), I appreciate BGInS professors and staff who worked hard to provide a creative alternative that still exposed us to multiculturalism and provided a hands-on experience. Fortunately, I was still able to participate in other enriching academic opportunities, such as completing my Honours Research Essay (HRE) on “The Black Dichotomy of the American Civil Rights Movement”.

During my four years at Carleton, I was able to grow personally and professionally, in and out of the classroom. Beyond school and work, I was often engaged on campus. I participated in and helped organize Model United Nations conference, presented my own TEDx Talk, completed a placement with the Young Diplomats of Canada, volunteered on federal and provincial election campaigns, assisted my professors in research projects, was involved in many clubs, and wrote write op-eds on issues I was passionate about for the school newspaper.

While I look back on my time in the BGInS program with admiration, I am excited to share my experience and passion with the world. I believe this program has challenged my worldview, and has offered a lot of growth. Since departing Carleton, I have worked for the geomatics sector of Natural Resources Canada, and have now moved on to work for the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.
I am proud of this stride forward, but I am anxiously anticipating what the future has to bring. I look forward to pursuing my education by obtaining my masters and law degree. After that, I look forward to finding a career that suits me. But thanks to BGInS, my scattered dreams of becoming a diplomat, a philanthropist, or politician are all achievable. BGInS will allow me and my fellow students to shape the future. I cannot wait to see what this next generation of students is capable of.