Grace Mannix took a unique route to finish her BGInS degree. Starting fresh out of high school in 2018, Grace chose this program distinctly for the specialized degree path from day one. However, at the end of her third year, just after finishing the role of VP Social for the BGInS Student’s Society from 2020-2021, she decided to take some time away from school. During this time, she created the foundations for an unforeseen career in the arts.

After a year away, feeling torn between her love of learning and this newfound desire to create exceptional works of art, she chose to come back to university and finish her last 10 courses over the span of two years. Spreading her time between Ottawa, Calgary and the dozens of art shows across Europe and North America including Luxembourg, Madrid, New York, Crete and many more.

Finishing all of her Carleton courses in April 2024, this summer she will go to Kampala, Uganda to complete her International Experience Requirement. For three months, she will work for the Foundation of Human Rights Initiative [] while also completing two courses, ‘Africa in International Relations’, and ‘Conflict, Post-Conflict, Recovery and Development’ at Makerere University.

After this summer, she hopes to return home to Calgary where she will focus her time furthering her art career. Including corporate projects, collaborative public works, and tying in her initial artistic medium of fashion design. All the while being open to new opportunities where she can embrace her love of learning and applying time to create a positive impact.

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