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In the Podcast for Inquiry, Professor Fahy speaks with Leslie Rosenblood about her book Dying for Rights: Putting North Korea’s Rights Abuses on the Record (Columbia University Press 2019). Professor Fahy describes the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Kim dynasty in North Korea, and why it is important to have them documented. Despite being considered a pariah nation by many, some defend the nation and the regime expends considerable effort to bolster its reputation internationally. Sandra and Leslie discuss the limits of national sovereignty, when it becomes a moral obligation to intervene, and the ramifications of the radically different approach taken to North Korean relations by the former US president, Donald Trump. For those who wish to get involved to support the people of North Korea, Dr. Fahy recommends HanVoice or Liberty in North Korea. Podcast for Inquiry is brought to you by the Centre for Inquiry Canada.

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