a) Thematic Specializations and Streams

b) Regional Specializations and Streams

Specializations (BGInS Honours): The BGInS Honours degree offers a choice of 18 different Specializations.  All students must choose one Specialization upon admission, though it is possible to switch Specializations during the course of the degree.  It is not possible to register in more than one Specialization at a time.  Each Specialization requires 7.5 credits and allows students to explore in much greater depth a particular aspect of global and international studies.  Some of the Specializations are disciplinary,  offering the global and international dimension of an established academic discipline.  Other Specializations are multi-disciplinary, providing many disciplinary perspectives on some theme or region.  Nine of the Specialization are thematic, focusing upon some disciplinary or multi-disciplinary topic in global and international studies.  Three of the Specialization are regional, covering some geographically-defined region of the world from a multi-disciplinary perspective.  All the Specializations build upon, and complement, the core course sequence.  Each Specialization is sponsored by a Carleton academic unit or faculty grouping.

The Specializations provide depth of knowledge in a particular subject area of global and international studies.  They are roughly equivalent in credit weight to a major within the Honours Bachelor of Arts degree.  For those students intending to go on to graduate school, the Specializations provide the basis for entrance into cognate graduate disciplines.  (Note, however, that students intending to go on to graduate school in Economics will most likely have to take additional elective courses in quantitative economics; see the Specialization in International Economic Policy for further details.)

Streams (BGInS General): Students in the BGInS General degree must register in a 4.0 credit Stream.  It is possible to switch Streams during the course of the program; it is not possible to register in more than one Stream at a time.  The Streams are in the same 18 subject areas as the Specializations.