Global Law and Social Justice

(Thematic, disciplinary)

Law is vital for expressing global identities, framing global problems, and identifying international and national solutions. From human rights to cross-border trade, immigration to climate change, and war crimes to foreign investment, legal frameworks are at the centre of many global problems and innovations.

This Specialization examines the legal underpinnings of globalization, transnational relations, and the ways in which law, and ideas about law, are embedded in contemporary global dynamics. The courses in Global Law and Social Justice can be grouped into three broad subject areas, each of which considers the social justice issues that arise at the intersection of law and globalization: human rights; armed conflict and peace; and trade, economic relations and the environment.

Students graduating with this specialization may be interested in careers in immigration and refugee agencies, national and international justice institutions, international development organizations with a focus on rule of law and post-conflict rebuilding, international peace and security organizations, and human rights organizations.