International Experience Requirement
Rules and Regulations

Our Guarantee: BGInS guarantees that sufficient IER options will be available for all students, it does not guarantee that space will be available in your first choice option.

Degree Requirements:

• The IER is mandatory in the BGInS Honours degree
• The IER is optional in the BGInS General degree


Students are not eligible for the IER until they have third year standing, i.e. have completed 9.0 credits. Normally, this means that the earliest students can go on the IER is the summer term after their second year. Once they are eligible, students can complete the IER at any point in their program prior to graduation

CGPA Reguirements:

Some IER options have minimum CGPA requirements
• International exchange and international placement: overall CGPA 7.0
• Letter of permission: overall CGPA 5.0 and BGInS CGPA 6.5
• GPOL 3100 Placement: 9.0 CGPA

Specialization Specific Rules:

Africa and Globalization: IER must be satisfied by taking:
• AFRI 3100, African Studies Abroad or
• AFRI 3900, Placement or
• International exchange at an African university

Global Politics:
GPOL 3100, 2.5 credits, open only to students in the Global Politics specialization who have a 9.0 CGPA