What is a Letter of Permission?

This option allows you to take a course or courses offered at an accredited international university with which Carleton does not have a pre-arranged exchange agreement. You may only take a course at such a foreign university and have it count towards your Carleton degree if you have received prior approval in the form of a Letter of Permission (LOP) from the Registrar’s Office. You may take courses on a Letter of Permission in any academic term; there are different application deadlines relevant to each term (see below).  Tuition fees are paid to the host university and not Carleton.

Academic Eligibility for BGInS Students
Keep in mind
• Must be in Good Standing in the BGInS
• Must present a minimum overall CGPA
of 5.0 and a Major CGPA of 6.5 (Major CGPA includes GINS courses + specialization courses)
• Must meet Carleton residency
requirements; consult with the Registrar’s
Office for full details.
• The proposed course(s) for the Letter of
Permission must be acceptable to your
program (e.g.: You will not receive
approval for a first year course if you have
already attained the maximum number of
first – year courses.)
• Course(s) taken on a Letter of
Permission must be within a discipline
offered at Carleton, and courses taken
and passed at Carleton may not
be repeated on a Letter of Permission.

Application Procedure:

Applications are submitted online via Carleton Central under Student Online Applications in the Main Menu. Click Letter of Permission Applications to begin.

Important Annual Dates:

March 1: Application deadline for Summer term LOP
July 1: Application deadline for Fall term LOP
November 1: Application deadline for Winter term LOP

Note: Many institutions will ask that you submit an application for “visiting student status” and will provide you with the appropriate dates for course registration.

Required Documentation:

Students taking courses on an international Letter of Permission must complete the Carleton travel registry and the applicable forms and documents for Letter of Permission.

Note: Only students who have received written confirmation that they can do an international Letter of Permission should submit these forms..

Need More Information About the Letter of Permission?

You can read this Guide to the Letter of Permission or contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@carleton.ca