Sample second year course selections for each of the 18 BGInS Specializations are provided in the links below:

Please note, these are suggested course selections for typical students.  Your individual situation may vary, so please consult the BGInS office or the unit offering your Specialization if you have questions about your specific course selection.

Photo of Ethiopian street scene taken by student while on an International Placement

International Placement – Ethiopia

a) Thematic Specializations
French and Francophone Studies
Global and Transnational History
Global Development
Global Genders and Sexualities
Global Inequalities and Social Change
Global Law and Social Justice
Global Literatures
Global Media and Communication
Global Politics
Globalization and the Environment
Globalization, Culture and Power
International Economic Policy
Global Migration and Transnationalism (formerly Migration and Diaspora Studies)
Teaching English in Global Contexts

b) Regional Specializations
Africa and Globalization
Europe and Russia in the World
Latin American and Caribbean Studies