Sample Second Year: Global Inequalities and Social Change

Core Courses Language* Specialization/Stream** Electives Total
GINS 2000 (0.5 credit): Ethics and Globalization 1.0 credit

1.0 credits from section 3b: Research Methods in the program requirements including:
SOCI 2000 (0.5 credit)

and 0.5 credit in either SOCI 2001 (0.5 credit) or SOCI 3000 (0.5 credit) *Students will need to choose either qualitative or quantitative methods for their social research methods credits

SOCI 2005 (1.0 credit)

1.0 credit 5.0 credits
GINS 2010 (0.5 credit): Globalization and International Economic Issues Optional*** Up to 1.0 credit from section 3d: Global Inequalities and Social Change at the 2000 level, see calendar for course numbers and titles
GINS 2020 (0.5 credit): Global Literatures

Students who are applying for the language requirement exemption should take an additional 1.0 credit in Specialization or elective courses instead.

** Not all Specialization courses are offered every year.  Check with the public class schedule to see which courses are offered this year.

*** Students may also take these courses in their third year.