What is a Carleton Course Taught Abroad?

Some academic units offer courses taught abroad, i.e. courses taught by Carleton instructors to Carleton students, outside of Canada. The topics of these courses can change from year to year. They are run in a range of different countries and can be run by different faculty and different departments.  These courses are usually held in the early summer term and typically take place over a three week period.

These courses are open to BGInS students who have third year standing at the time of the course, though some options may have some additional course prerequisites.

The four Summer 2019 Carleton Courses Taught Abroad are as follows:

GINS 3300: Between ‘Welcome Culture’, Openness, Crisis, and Xenophobia (Summer 2019: Germany)

AFRI 3100: Kenya 2.0 Social Media and Youth Cultures in a Changing Continent (Summer 2019: Nairobi, Kenya)

EURR 4302: European Study Tour and Internship Program (Summer 2019: Various)

CLCV 3400A: Greek and Roman Studies Abroad (Summer 2019: Greece)

CLCV 3301: Archaeological Field Work 1 ( Summer 2019: Italy)

Required Documentation

Students doing a Carleton course taught abroad must complete the Carleton travel registry and the applicable forms and documents for Carleton courses taught abroad.

Note: Only students who have received written confirmation that they have been accepted into a Carleton course taught abroad should submit these forms..