Carleton University offers an Exchange Program with approximately 140 partner institutions in more than 35 countries around the globe. This is an opportunity for students (undergraduate and graduate) to study full-time at a partner institution for a single semester (fall or winter) or for a full academic year. Exchange students pay tuition to Carleton University and earn credits toward their Carleton degree.

Participating in an exchange is an incredibly rewarding experience, as this is a chance to truly immerse yourself in a new culture, experience your academic subject through a new lens, and develop intercultural skills (which are of increasing value to employers).

It is never too early to begin planning your Exchange — in fact, you can start preparing as early as first year!

The next exchange application session will be open between October 10 and December 9, 2022 for the Fall 2023 – Winter 2024 academic year. We encourage students to attend our Exchange Information Sessions and review our Roadmap to Exchange (PDF) for more detailed information on the Exchange Program.

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