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Who Needs a Study Permit?

Most international students need a study permit to study at a Canadian university.

Most students must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for their study permit before coming to Canada to study.

These are general rules, but there are exceptions.

Citizens and permanent residents of the United States may apply for a study permit as they enter Canada.

A study permit holder has temporary resident status in Canada. They may remain in Canada and study at a Designated Learning Institution for the period indicated on the permit. Most Carleton students have a study permit that indicates they may also do some work in Canada.

It’s important for students to know the conditions that apply to study permit holders in Canada as well as what work may be authorized by their study permit. Students who don’t meet the conditions that apply to their status or who do unauthorized work in Canada are at risk of losing their status and being asked to leave Canada.

How to Apply for a Study Permit from Outside Canada

How To Apply for a Study Permit Extension (in-Canada Study Permit Application)

Apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (after Study Permit Extension)

Study Permit Conditions

Apply to Correct a Study Permit

Apply to Replace a Lost or Stolen Study Permit