The ISSO team supports international and exchange students at Carleton, and promotes international opportunities to students interested in going abroad. Invite an ISSO team member to visit your next staff meeting to discuss how we can support you as you work with international students, or just to learn more about the activities and services offered.

Exchange Program

Carleton University offers an Exchange Program with approximately 110 partner institutions in more than 30 countries around the globe. This is an opportunity for students (undergraduate and graduate) to study full-time at a partner institution for a single term or for a full academic year. Exchange students pay tuition to Carleton University and earn credits toward their Carleton degree.

Faculty and staff members play an important role in supporting student opportunities abroad. A common source of inspiration for students going abroad is information or encouragement provided by a faculty member or an advisor. Visit our Exchange Program website or attend an Exchange Information Session to learn more about this opportunity!


UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) is mandatory medical health insurance for all international students and staff studying at or working at Carleton University. If you will be hiring an international individual to work with you, they must enroll in UHIP (if they don’t have OHIP or other provincial coverage). You can find UHIP plan details at If you have any questions please email

Immigration Advising

Faculty and staff advisors are encouraged to refer international students to the ISSO licensed immigration advisors to discuss their immigration status and authorized activities in Canada. Academic and registration changes may have immigration considerations for international students. Personal difficulties can affect a student’s ability yo make progress toward completing a program of study, as required by Canada’s immigration laws. Rules for working in Canada can be complicated. Having correct information as early as possible is essential for international students.