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Continue Your Learning with the ISSO!

The ISSO provides this online learning environment where you can learn about immigration topics and obtain guidance on the most common student applications at your own pace. Use our online resources to familiarize yourself with key immigration concepts, obtain answers to common immigration-related questions, and take charge of your future as an international student.

The ISSO recommends you complete the Study Permit Secrets course before or during your first semester as a Carleton University student, to help you understand and comply with your responsibilities  as a study permit holder.

How to Self-Enroll

  1. Click on the button below
  2. Log into Brightspace
  3. In the “Discover” tab, search “Study Permit Secrets” or “Post-Graduation Work Permits”
  4. Click “Enroll”
  5. Click the “Open Course” button

Application Guides

For the most common immigration applications, our detailed guides are a good place to start:

Applying for a Study Permit Videos

The ISSO’s immigration advising team provides some tips for newly admitted students applying for a study permit before coming to Canada.

Part One: Get Ready

Part Two: Supporting Documents

Part Three: Personal Information, Submitting and Fees

Part Four: Write a Study Plan