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The International Student Services Office is committed to assisting students navigate employment opportunities while they study at Carleton University.

ISSO Volunteer Positions

Volunteer recruitment takes place throughout March. Below is a list of positions that are generally available. Please contact isso@carleton.ca if you have questions about getting involved.

Student Engagement – involves supporting social, cultural, family friendly, and wellness opportunities that connect and engage the international and exchange student community at Carleton University.

Internationalization and Culture – involves supporting initiatives that engage the Carleton University community in global citizenship, including International Education Week (IEW), International Development Week (IDW), and the Through a Global Lens Photography Competition.

Exchange – involves supporting activities that support the experiences of students considering and/or participating in the Carleton University Exchange Program.

Additional Resources

ISSO Working in Canada Resource Page – Information about Post-Graduate Work Permits, Co-op Work Permits, Social Insurance Number (SIN), and more.

Carleton Career Services – Carleton University’s centralized office supporting all students and alumni across the different disciplines and levels of study on their career paths.

Career Fairs, Networking Nights, and Workshops – A calendar of events put together by Carleton Career Services.

Government of Canada; Work in Canada – An extensive list of resources and information for anyone on an international visa that is looking to work in Canada.

Connect with our International Student Services Office by email isso@carleton.ca with any questions you might have; we are here to support.

Employment News from Career Services